Rice 1963

The poor farmers of Muju in Cheonbuk Province cannot get enough water to irrigate their rice. They attempt many times to build a canal to the Geum River, but fail each time. After the military coup of 1962 however, the government gives its full support and helps the villagers succeed

Rice 1957

A touching story depicting the harsh lives of farmers in Kasumigaura. An attempt to start a fishery business to revive an ailing farming community creates friction amongst the proud residents.

Bitter Rice 1949

Francesca and Walter are two-bit criminals in Northern Italy, and, in an effort to avoid the police, Francesca joins a group of women rice workers. She meets the voluptuous peasant rice worker, Silvana, and the soon-to-be-discharged soldier, Marco. Walter follows her to the rice fields, and the four characters become involved in a complex plot involving robbery, love, and murder.

Body Rice 2006

Since 1980 German institutions send teens to the south of Portugal under experimental projects of social rehabilitation. That's how Katrin comes to Alentejo. She will establish a unique relationship with the surrounding environment, a situation exacerbated by the harshness of the landscape and the emptiness of a socially desertified region. Katrin, twith Julia and Pedro, will build a refuge in a no-man's-land...

Rice Rhapsody 2004

Fearing her son could be gay, a conservative mother takes in a French foreign exchange student, who ends up teaching the family a lot about life, acceptance, and love.

Rice Girl 2003

To land a role in the movie Hooker X, Asian American actress Windy (Cheryl Ling) researches what life is like as a prostitute. After being mistaken for a real call girl by undercover cops, Windy runs into trouble with a group of thugs and a huge wrestler. Poking fun at the entertainment industry as well as Asian stereotypes, this independent comedy co-stars Pat Morita, Martin Kove and Dean Haglund.

Freckled Rice 1983

Stephen C. Ning's "Freckled Rice" also has a roving teen-ager at its center, in this case a 13-year-old Chinese-American boy. Joe (J. P. Wing) and his parents are scheduled to move from Boston's Chinatown to New Hampshire, where his father plans to open a Polynesian restaurant; in the meantime, Joe wanders off to join his older brother, whose Americanized manner has brought about a major rift with his more traditional parents. "Freckled Rice," with a title that means to suggest the conflict of these two cultures, is in both Cantonese and English, and tells its story in a simple and credible manner. - NY Times

Rice & Potatoes 1998

Rice: A slang term for gay Asian men. Potatoes: Slang for gay Caucasians. Filmed in San Francisco, the documentary Rice & Potatoes presents a revealing look at the lives of 17 gay men, both Asian and Caucasian. The diverse cast offers frank and insightful commentary on the issues and stereotypes surrounding inter-racial gay relationships, talking candidly about the physical attraction, the differences in cultural upbringing, sexual roles, being out, family obligations, and the use of racial labels. Their stories, often funny, always thought provoking, offer an intimate portrait of men searching for love, coping with prejudice, and building relationships.

Rice Distribution 2003

The Ghost Festival takes place during the seventh lunar month. The gates of hell are opened to free the hungry ghosts who wander the world seeking food. During this month, Chinese pay tribute to their ancestors and offer food to the deceased to appease them and ward off bad luck. In Hong Kong, besides staging ceremonies to honor the dead, many Taoist organizations also give away rice to the elderly and the poor. The rice distribution depicted in this film was one of the largest events, and attracted over eight thousand people. The event was scheduled to last from nine in the morning to six in the evening. In order to ensure a place in the line, most of the participants arrived before dawn.

Rice Mill 2010

A poor community awaiting regularly for government rice subsidies. The people line up for hours to get their share of the rice, while those who don’t have money to pay for their meager portion end up doing all sorts of things in order to get food on the table.

Rice Soldiers 2014

Set during the Japanese Occupation, four children (Nitoy, Benny, Carding, and Badong) aspire nothing more than to become soldiers fighting the Japanese... until they are confronted by the realities of war that threaten to destroy their families and their friendship.

Rice and Boobs 2011

What would you choose, between rice and boobs, if one of these two will disappear from the world forever? The most boring debate in human history starts now...

White on Rice 2009

40-year-old Jimmy is growing up, or at least he's getting older. While mooching the upper bunk of his ten-year-old nephew's bed, he enjoys the never-ending generosity of his sister Aiko, and dodges the wrath of his impatient brother-in-law Tak. He thinks that if only he could get married all his problems would be solved. But when he falls head over heels for Tak's niece things only go from bad to worse.

The Rice Bomber 2014

Based on a true social event, The Rice Bomber depicts a series of bombing events in Taiwan a decade ago. It is a time when the agriculture is struggling to survive. A man strives to arouse the government’s attention and to revive its conscience by making 17 rice bombs.

Of Rice and Hen 1953

Miss Prissy, the slow-witted hen, sets out to land a husband - Foghorn Leghorn, and Barnyard Dog is willing to help her by dressing as a rooster to "rival" Foghorn Leghorn's non-existent affections and make him jealous so that he'll marry Prissy without thinking. Foghorn Leghorn falls for the scheme - hook, line, and sinker.

Some More Rice 2000

Essay film about rice farming and Kurosawa's SEVEN SAMURAI.

Rice for Sale 2013

An experimental tale distorting Bali's modern world into a historical account depicting the demise of its former cultural motto, "Rice is Life." Ten wordless vignettes, all in-camera edits, are strung together to compose a two-part mythological venture down the heavenly mountain toward the demonic sea, culminating at the site of the 2002 terrorist bombing.

No Chocolate, No Rice

No Chocolate, No Rice is a comedy/drama that follows best friends, Dre & Phil, and their lives dating while Black and Asian in an app filled world where racism is just another preference.

Chicken Rice War 2000

Frivolous Singapore adaptation of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet by Baz Luhrmann. Two rival families, owning adjacent restaurants, make life difficult for each other in any way they can.

Rice Field of Dreams 2013

Follow Cambodia's first national baseball team as they prepare for the 24th Sea Games- the premier sporting competition between South East Asian nations, similar to the Olympic Games- to be held in Bangkok, Thailand. Encounter the texture of daily life in the players' villages, meet the American coaches whose passion for the game has fueled their desire to win, and travel with the team as they pour their blood, sweat and tears into training. Can they bring home a medal?

Love Kome: We Love Rice 2017

At the Kokuritsu Inaho Academy, five new rice-inspired students attempt to supplant bread as the popular grain at the school. The new students form the "Love Rice" unit and challenge themselves to perform at the "Harvest Show" to show the delicious appeal of rice grains.

Our Rice House

Our Rice House is a modern Singaporean Chinese 8 episode family drama which is telecast on Singapore's free-to-air channel, MediaCorp TV Channel 8. It made its debut on February 4, 2008.

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